Say it with a gift cake

What's a birthday without gifts and cake? So why not kill two birds with one stone and present your lucky friend with a gift-cake?

Inspired by Sugarbloom's Tall Cupcake Tutorial, I thought I'd try my hand at covering a cupcake with fondant to make a birthday gift for a special friend. Never mind the fact that I had never covered an entire cake with fondant before....

Well, 9 cupcakes later I think I nailed it:
The mini cake is actually one of my lemon delicious cupcakes, coated in white chocolate ganache and pale pink fondant. I didn't make the pink and white flowers myself, but I did pipe the monogram (another first with Royal Icing mix).

The cake was packaged in a matching gift box with gorgeous Cristina Re vellum paper and brown grosgrain ribbon.

I sacrificed a lot of cupcakes along the way, but I did learn some things in the procees:
  • ganache is better than buttercream under fondant
  • you really do need to let the ganache set before you try to smooth fondant over it
  • fondant isn't as scary as I thought it was
  • one mini cake is fine - I would go insane making a whole wedding order!
  • a gift cake really is a wonderful present to give your friend!

Happy birthday Lea!


Georgette G said…
These are very cute stuff. And I am guessing they taste good too. I think people would appreciate it if you would show how to work with fondant

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