Cherry blossom finale

My couture cherry blossom cupcakes made their grand entrance on Saturday night to rapturous applause and lots of 'oohhhhh' and 'aahhhhhhs'.

The birthday girl was happy.

I was even approached by one guest about possibly doing her wedding cupcakes in January - a wonderful compliment!

The proof is always in the tasting and this time I achieved what I had set out to do - a very grown up Jaffa cake - Grand Marnier and Chocolate that was both flavoursome and moreish.

It was fantastic to receive such postive feedback on my work. It also confirmed for me that no matter how pretty the cake looks, its the taste that will always have the bigger impact.

Another original Di-licious recipe to add to the master file!


Kristy said…
Gorgeous cakes Di - well done :)(ss friend willow)
Di said…
Thanks Kristy. It's great to be part of an Australia-wide cake decorating community!

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