Playing with pretty

Last night I was feeling playful. I'm in the midst of creating Golden Snitch cupcakes for my niece's party this weekend and I wanted to take a break from wings and gold paint.

I showed you my first fondant roses recently and pledged to turn them into something pretty - and so here it is.

Very simple, but very pretty!

I also got myself a new cake decorating toy - an embossing plate.

In truth, its actually an embossing plate for making impressions on cards, but its also perfect for creating pretty cupcake size designs on fondant.

To see some really pretty cupcakes, take a look at Small Things Iced - a gorgeous bespoke cake maker and decorator in the UK.

One of these days I'll catalogue some of my favourite sites and blogs.....another project AFTER the Golden Snitches!


Those embossing plates are fantatsic! A very pretty cupcake! :D
Di said…
Thanks Lorraine - I'm thrilled to have you stop by my blog again. Cheers Di

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