Sweet, petite, afternoon tea treats

Mini lemon delicious cupcakes
I've been musing for a while about what market I might focus on for my 'future' cupcake business. And I seem to keep coming back to afternoon tea treats.

There seems to be a renaissance going on for girly get togethers over beautiful china, sparkling wine and pretty cakes. And why not? Many top hotels are advertising weekend High Teas, but they don't come cheap.

One of my close girlfriends recently received her grandmothers gorgeous china and was inspired to host her own high teas at home. They're now a much sought after invitation event.

She loves to make savoury treats but prefers to leave cakes to someone else. Hmmmm....that sounds like an opportunity!

This weekend she was hosting a birthday party for the same grandmother whose china she now cherishes and wanted it to be extra special. So she asked me to make two of my favourite cupcakes, in miniature.

Salty Chocolate Ganache cakes
The Lemon Delicious cakes are baked with lemon curd and topped with lemon buttercream and a little sugar flower.

The Salty Chocolate Ganache cakes are a mud-style chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache and sea salt flake sprinkles.

So, dear readers, what sweet treats would you choose for your own afternoon tea party?


Milton said…
I've often thought about that very question. I love afternoon teas and had one for my kitchen tea. We had cupcakes, scones, sandwiches, little cakes and macarons. All the favourites! :P
Louise said…
I love mini cupcakes. If you make a few flavors in the mini size you don't feel guilty eating one of each whereas you can't eat several large cupcakes. I love afternoon teas with sandwiches, cupcakes, scones and something chocolate. To me a special afternoon tea is a decadent and delicious treat.
Di-licious said…
@Louise I completely agree. I find people are more willing to eat mini cupcakes over regualr sized ones. And they look so damn cute on a cake stand at a tea party. Thanks for stopping by!
Lilly said…
I think high tea is great, but very overpriced here in Holland. So I have never had a high tea before. Maybe one day I organise my own.

I just bought 2 silicone mini cupcake molds (enough for 24 cupcakes) a couple of days ago and I found out that this isn’t enough. Most recipes have quantities enough to fill at least 4 molds! So today I will go and get some more molds so I maybe retire my regular size cupcake molds.
I totally fell in love with the bite size cakes so I want to use them as much as I can. I’ve been scrolling around your blog and everything you make is awesome!

Happy baking!
Di-licious said…
@Louise - I just love mini cakes. Two moutfulls and they're gone! (Sometimes a whole regular sized cupcake with all the frosting or icing is just too much!) I finally bought myself a tray that has 24 mini cups in it so I can bake off 24 without even blinking and it takes half the time. So glad you're enjoying the site!

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