Baking resolve

I finally got a kick in the pants this week to just get on with it.

A timely admission of being less than perfect from Glorious Treats made me realise that there’s never going to be a perfect time to bake, create and write. Not everything will bake properly. Not everything will look pretty and I have the kitchen I have so stop wishing and hoping for something better.

I have a framed “Keep calm and carry on” tea towel in my family room/kitchen. It’s my daily mantra for when my daughter acts like a preschooler and the house is looking worse for wear.

I mutter it under my breath when inevitable baking disasters occur. I force myself to remember it when the dog has dug up my lavender bush to make a nest for herself in the sun.

I still swear and throw things at the bench but I take that deep breath sooner and think about how to solve the problem or resolve to start again. When all else fails, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day) and a little lie down on the couch helps put things into perspective.

Carrying on is why Di-licious is back in the kitchen and online to share my baking adventures with you. Happy [belated] new year!

I know its March but here are my baking resolutions for 2011.
  • Organise my cake cupboard
  • Use up the leftover cake pieces in the freezer and make cake pops
  • Master the art of making macarons
  • Make a new cake from every cookbook I own. Actually, that’s just ridiculous - there’s over a hundred books there! How about I tackle the first shelf.....
  • Ask my mother to help me translate her baking recipes from Norway
  • Make my sister’s wedding cake
  • Join the local Country Women’s Association (CWA) branch
  • Make some fondant fancies a la Peggy Porscheon
  • Host an afternoon tea for friends
  • Keep hunting for beautiful china
  • Practice icing lots and lots of cookies
  • Make some cupcakes....

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Great post, so glad I could be a little inspiration to move forward! Your list of goals sounds wonderful!
Happy Baking!!

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