Freezer love

It’s a glorious autumn morning here in Melbourne and I’m getting soup ready for the slow cooker so I can concentrate on housework.

To make life easier, my daughter is happily watching The Wiggles sing on TV. I feel slightly guilty that I’ve resorted to the electric babysitter again, but it buys me time to focus on the onions and the vacuuming.

“Mummy, I want a snack. A sweet-some-thing snack. P-l-e-a-s-e Mummy.”

Its times like this I love my freezer.

Here’s a fact that every mum should know – baked biscuits and cookies freeze.

I won’t be so bold as to claim that every single biscuit or cookie can be frozen but most can, and should be if you love the taste of home-baked.

To freeze biscuits or cookies, let them cool completely after baking and place them into an airtight container or freezer-safe snap lock bags. Label and date and store them in the freezer for up to three months. (They will probably last longer than this in the freezer but I’m being conservative in case the food safety police are listening. Besides I’m lucky if I can hide them away from Mr Di-licious for that long!)

This morning’s sweet crisis was averted by the Anzac biscuits I baked before Easter. I flicked the coffee machine on and whipped the bag of bickies out of the freezer.

Ten minutes later we were sitting down at her little table with our ‘coffee' and sweet-some-thing snack.

I love my freezer. Why don’t you let your freezer love you too?


I've been freezer happy too! I put cookies in the freezer right after they cool and pop them out whenever I need them. And these weekend I tried making meals for the week and freezing them in single portions!

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