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My blog is making me fat

Temptation lurks everywhere.
It’s official. My blog is making me fat.

It’s also keeping my house messy since I started prioritising writing and baking over vacuuming and putting away laundry.

In fact it’s happening right now – I’ve slept in because I stayed up to watch the new Kennedy’s drama on ABC and then wanted to ‘quickly’ check in to see if there were any new messages or comments. Before I know it its really late and that coffee I had after lunch has kicked in, giving me caffeine-induced heart palpitations, delaying sleep even further.

Mr Di-licious (bless him) allowed me to sleep in and delivered a latte to my bedside. There’s a bowl of porridge waiting for me on the kitchen bench, ready to be reheated while I turn on my laptop and think about my next post.

I used to get up early and go to the gym before breakfast but lately I’ve just been too tired. You know you’ve been MIA when you get notified about a trainer leaving and you’ve absolutely no idea who they’re talking about.

And then there’s the constant parade of cakes, biscuits and sweet things that move through the kitchen – all in the name of research and blog posts. I have to taste them in order to give an honest appraisal and I try to offload them promptly or freeze them. (Mr Di-licious is very popular amongst his work colleagues.)

A few weeks ago I made a cheesecake slice for Mr Di-licious to take to his study group. I over catered and plenty came back home. They sat in the fridge the rest of the weekend, calling me to eat them. Damn it I couldn’t help myself, I just had to taste them, again and again. I tried to convince myself that I was channelling my inner-Nigella, indulging in that sly midnight snack except I wasn’t wearing a sexy silk robe. I think I should surrender my Weight Watchers membership card and hang my head in shame.

Am I alone facing this dilemma? I doubt it.

In fact I’m putting out an SOS for ideas and tips. How do you bake, taste and blog whilst keeping the scales happy and maintain a state of domestic bliss?


I love this post. Why... because I am right there with you! I have always loved cooking, but now I'm obsessed with posting desserts and recipes all the time. This is one tasty dilemma....
I'm not a baker, so for me it is those more decadent, cheese-filled and fried recipes that are getting to me! I'm trying this whole healthy kick, but all I want is to make a corn dog and blog about it! I feel your pain.
spiceblogger said…
Oh, I am right there with you! Cooking more than ever; going through pounds of butter; neglecting the gym as well as the laundry (ugh!) and, of course, eating it all!

Sorry I have no tips for improvement for you. But if some savvy blogger comes your way with golden advice on this subject, please be so kind as to pass it along! :) I'm getting desperate (and fat) over here!

I totally understand where you're coming from! I've taken to making smaller batches of sweet treats. I'll cut a candy recipe in half or make only a few cupcakes. Though I never have a problem getting rid of treats, my coworkers are all guys!
Miss Adriennely said…
My blog is making me fat too! I bake mostly at night, and can't resist having a bite or two of my baking adventures.. imagine snacking on cookies at 4am in the morning and heading straight to bed... I foresee a 100kg heavy me in the future!
Ditto. I justify eating sweets & fried foods when I shouldn't. Sigh. I can't help myself!
Betsy said…
I plan my grocery list/weekly menus in advance and only include one baked good recipe in the list. I purposely make that on the day before I got see clients so I can give most of them away. There's lots of other foods I like to eat besides sweets so I try to focus on making delicious, healthier versions of those. I figure if I can eat healthy food at least MOST of the time, then it all evens out in the end!
Sarah said…
I'm right there with you! Messy and fat. Oh the life of a blogger.
Eftychia said…
Dear friend, I go through the same blog ordeal. My family and co-workers are very pleased of course but I started feeling a "bit" heavy nowadays :-) I think we should find a way to blog and stay fit or better become fit at the same time :-)
Oh yes I know what you mean exactly. I got myself a treadmill, grudgingly. I don't like it but I get on it reluctantly :(
I know how you feel. I started my blog back in August, and have definetly gained weight since then :(
Di-licious said…
Oh my - what an incredible response! This is the highest comment rate I've ever had for a post - clearly I've struck a chord!

Its nice to know that many of you are also challenged with the same dilemma I am. Thank you to each and everyone of you. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I'm part of a very special and generous baking sisterhood!

I will try to limit myself to baking once a week.

I will try making only half a batch of cookies or cupcakes at a time.

I will conincide baking with playgroup, play dates, kids parties, dinner invites or Mr Di-licious' team meetings.

I will try not to 'taste' so often during the mixing stage.

I will eat well the rest of the week.

I concede that by not exercising I can't really expect the weight to disappear. Time to dust off my gym membership card!

Wishing you all a very di-licious day!
Tiffany said…
Don't hate me... but I've LOST weight since starting my blog! I also tend to give half of my food away to friends... I can TOTALLY relate to a messy house though. Who has time to clean when there's bloggin' to do!?!
Debbie said…
Happened to me too! :-/ I just started baking more for events and people than just for the blog. I also started delivering cupcakes and what not to people like my dentist, just because he always does a great job!
Frugal in WV said…
This post made me smile! I have a cooking blog and it can try to take over your life :) I limit my baking to once or twice a week, my boys and husband have major sweet tooth's and don't need any more sugar. They will eat a whole cake in a day if I let them :) Found you and now following from bloggy mom, great blog, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at
Sandra said…
I feel your pain girl. I'm a baker and I love love sweets. I'm also a fitness professional so I get in lots of exercise. That being said, I still have to put the brakes on quite often. I gain weight easily. Veggies and exercise are my saving grace. My coworkers and my daughter's coworkers have benefitted greatly from by blog and sweet tooth.
Gourmantine said…
My God this situation sounds so familiar... :) Blogging indeed can be a tough job, especially when you're family member and photographer start complaining they are getting too much food!
I do most of my cooking for special photo shoot weekends, and then I like to invite friends over for cleaning duty or bring everything on Monday to work (this can make a person very popular)... And gym... I hate it... I'd rather not go to it, but it does help to keep scales and energy levels intact. Have a nice weekend :)
Anonymous said…
You are so not alone Di-licious. My excuse is I have to bake for the kids. I try to keep it quite simple and things that I don't really care for, but who can pass up something as mundane as a couple of Anzacs and a hot cup of tea after the housework? LOL

Anne @ Domesblissity

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