Oh yes, I’m the cake procrastinator

Tomorrow afternoon we’re loading up the car to head to Ballarat for the weekend.

Before then I have to:
  • Make a cake (first time recipe)
  • Make cake filling
  • Make ganache
  • Make praline
  • Make sticky date puddings
  • Make butterscotch sauce
  • Pick up drycleaning
  • Grab last minute baking groceries
  • Pack a cake decorating tool kit
  • Pack for me and Olive
  • Pack for the dog
  • Pick up birthday gift for sister in law
  • Do kinder drop off and pick up
  • Go to playgroup
  • Use up the mince in the fridge
  • Enter the competition to win a personalised apron for Olive

So what did I do last night? Procastinated with a capital P:

  • Vacuumed the house
  • Cleaned the oven
  • Cleaned the scuff marks off the half wall in the kitchen
  • Cleaned the back door windows
  • Reduced my email inbox from 11 pages to 2 pages (I must learn to delete as I go!)
  • Drafted and redrafted this post
  • Finally decided on what cake recipe to make
  • Wrote out the recipe in shorthand and last minute shopping list
  • Went to bed after midnight!
And here I am again this morning pffaffing on the computer after early morning kinder drop off and the quick dash to the shops and drycleaners only to discover that my trusty digital kitchen scales have a flat battery - so back to the shops I must go!
(But I did successfully enter the personalised apron giveawy from Nestle.  If you're in Australia and shop at Coles, buy and three Nestle baking products and go to http://www.bakers-corner.com.au/ to enter!)
Is it just me or do you procrastinate as well? Does it make you work smarter? Or stress you out?



Joy-Belle said…
Please come and procrastinate at my house Di, I was procrastinating about vacuuming the house and ended up enrolled at university. Oh yeah that oven still needs cleaning too but I think we are going to buy a new one sometime so why bother.
Di-licious said…
Joy - I think that kind of procrastination might well run in the family!

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