The curious case of the missing recipe

A few weeks ago I was given a wonderful gift - a bowl full of freshly picked backyard apples, via my sister-in-law Kaz.  We're not sure what variety there were, heirloom perhaps? But they were crisp and sweet and I thought they'd be perfect for baking.

They sat pretty in a bowl for a week or so, filling the dining room with their gorgeous apple scent while I decided what to bake.

An apple pie was inevitable but I really wanted to make some little cakes too.  I consulted my bookshelf and put on my thinking cap and voilà; gorgeous mini apple-almond cakes.

The almond meal made the cakes quite dense - almost a hybrid of a slice and cake, and kept the cake di-liciously moist.  The glaze of apricot jam and sugar syrup was a master stroke! And the thin fan of apple slices just look so darn pretty.  Great job I thought!

I made copious hand written notes and snapped away ready for a future blog post.  Then I did a quick pack up of the house before Mr Di-licicous' annual boy's steak night and stashed my recipe notes away.

A few weeks later I'm ready to write up the recipe and I can't find it anywhere - I've misplaced my recipe notes.


Its highlighted a major deficiency in my blog 'administration' - clearly I need a better system!  In a former life I used to be the organisation queen.  Seems motherhood may have dulled my administrative powers slightly. I'm curious - how do other bloggers keep on top of everything?

Something I didn't forget to do this week though was participate in the Alphabet Photography Challenge over at Three Lil Princesses. The challenge, devised by chief princess Kellie is a look and find series of posts for children learning the alphabet.

My entry - C is for Cooking Cupcakes, features my little Olive cooking up a storm in her own playroom kitchen.  A fan of MasterChef, Olive was only too happy to don her very own chef's hat and apron and pose for the camera. The only 'pressure test' will be how long Olive can keep her playroom tidy for.


Ahh it happens to all of us I think :P I find the recipes eventually-hubby knows not to throw out anything :P
Di, those cupcakes do look delicious. It's always the way. If I don't type up my blog post recipe straight away, it's gone from the memory bank and I forget to include things (like butter LOL). It's okay if I'm blogging about a recipe straight from a book. I can just do that at a later date. I've usually got 3 or 4 blog posts ready to go at any time. I type them up straight away, if I've got the time or later on that night.

Olive looks so cook. I trust she's inherited the "Di-licious Cupcake" gene! LOL

Anne xx
I agree - great job! Have such a hankering for apples at the moment and your description of a cross between a brownie and a cake's got me sold. I have a manilla folder that everything food-related goes into. Stuff I've typed out or hand-written on the back of mail -- it all goes in!
Kellie said…
Oh, those cupcakes are pretty scrummy looking!
Thanks for sending through your inclusion in the challenge. It's such a gorgeous, bright shot! And good luck on keeping that playroom tidy! I've lost the battle here!! Hehe!! :)
Isn't that aggravating! The cupcakes look fabulous! I hope you find the recipe soon :)
Di-licious said…
Thank you all my lovelies for your cake love! The good news is that I have found the recipe for the Mini Apple-Almond cakes - I'll be writing it up on the weekend!
My cupcakes don't look like yours, but maybe in a thousand years after a lot of work, they your blog !
Di-licious said…
Why thanks TV&M. Practice does help but I've found from experience that the whole world loves a cupcake, no matter who decorated it!
Tabby Tiger said…
Yummy! This looks so perfect as an apple cupcakes. I love the color and the toppings.
Doll Wood said…
These cupcakes just look perfect! Not too complicated and very cute! Thank you for sharing the recipe with us!
Di said…
@Tabby Tiger - thank you very much. Thanks for visiting!

@ Doll Wood - Always aiming to please! Thanks for visiting!

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