How to make sugar carrot cupcake decorations

The internet gods have not been kind to us this past week.  Apparently a static-y phone line can interfere with our ADSL connection, putting to bed any hopes I had to bring you this tutorial and Mr Di-licious completing an online test for his law course.  Sigh.

At least I had my iPhone - I was still connected to the world so to speak, even if in a limited, small screen kind of way.

But I digress.

As promised, here is a 'tutorial' to help you make the cute as a button sugar carrots for the carrot cupcakes I made last week.

They are embarrassingly easy to make.  Before you know it you'll have a carrot patch that's the envy of Don Burke (sorry, Aussie joke).

Tutorial: Making sugar carrot decorations

To make the sugar carrots, you will need:

  • orange fondant (I used Americolor Orange to colour)
  • green fondant (I used Americolor Avocado to colour)
  • a skewer or pointy modelling tool to make a dent in end of carrot
  • small, fine paintbrush
  • water
  • cling wrap (to wrap up your fondant while you're not using it)
  • tray lined with baking paper

Step 1
Break off a tiny bit of green fondant, and a large pinch of orange fondant.

Step 2
Roll the green fondant into a ball.  Roll the orange fondant into a log and rubbing your fingers together, shape the log into a carrot-like cone.

Step 3
Roll the green ball between your fingers to create a stubby cone. Using your pointy tool, pierce a hole in the flat end of the carrot.

Step 4
Dip your paintbrush in a little water and dab some water into the hole in the carrot.  Push in the green 'end'.  Repeat steps to make more carrots!

You could of course roll out all of your carrots, and then your green toppers and then attach them, but I just wanted to be as clear as possible!  Happy carrot making!


I want to be clever like you !
Kimberley said…
Simple and cuteee!! Your cupcakes look great!
Anne said…
They're so cute Di. (And might I just say that photo of you and Olive is just lovely! Not saying the cupcake photo wasn't nice! LOL)

I've got a question for you. I've got red velvet cake crumbs leftover in the freezer. I've been saving them for a special strawberry cake pop creation. I was going to flavour the cake with strawberry essence, shape into a strawberry shape, dip in red chocolate melts (if I could find them) and make green leaves from green chocolate melts and adhere to the strawberry. What would you do? They're not for anything special. Just something I wanted to do.

Anne xx
Very clear and clever tutorial Di! :)
This little cake toppers are gorgeous! A fantastic way to finish off a tasty cupcake. Your first pic is TOO cute by the way.
Di said…
@TVM - thank you - you're way too kind!
Di said…
@ Kimberley - thank you!
Di said…
@Anne - yes, I've become a little less shy about showing my face!

Hmmm...cake crumbs....I haven't made cake pops (yet) but I think the idea sounds great. You'll need a ganache or buttercream to help bind the cake for the balls. Use a light hand with the essence - it can overpower very quickly (I used it to flavour mini cupcakes once and they tasted alcoholic!) Can't wait to see what you come up with Anne.
Di said…
@Lorraine - Good! You do wonder sometimes....
Di said…
@Keeley - I was excited to use the wombat photo after all! Glad he's got a fan other than Olive :-)
Awww so cute and a perfect tutorial!
Di said…
@SugarPlumFairy - thank you and thanks for visiting my little cake blog!
Naww, these carrots are so sweet! Perfect little toppers for carrot cupcakes.
This site is so gorgeous. I've added you into the aussie baker blogroll.

Looking forward to reading more!
Di said…
@Emma - I'm so honoured to have you stop by and add me to your aussie baker blog roll! I love your site! Thanks for the lovely comments. Here's to more cake!!!

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