Cake pop love

I've managed to tick another thing off my Baking Resolutions list.  I finally made cake pops.

If you've been living under a rock the last few years, cake pops are the new darling of cake treats.

Crumbled cake and ganache mixed together and rolled into balls, stuck onto lolly sticks and dipped into candy chocolate - the combinations and decorations are limitless.

The undisputed queen of cake pops is Bakerella.  She first blogged about her 'experiment' in 2008 and before you could say cream cheese frosting, cake pops have taken the world by storm.  A book deal later, people all over the world are creating amazing works of cake-art on sticks.  The Pop Stars section of her blog really is worth a squizz...

My first attempt is a little bit clunky - the candy chocolate coating really needed to be thinned down with some vegetable shortening.  But you know what - they were so much fun to make.  I always end up with cake offcuts and left over ganache from big cake projects; this is the perfect way to use them up.

Cake pops are also the perfect portable party cake - I wrapped each pop up in a cellophane bag and packaged them up into a 'Di-licious' gift bag for a birthday winery lunch.  After the tapas, we passed around the pops and waved them in the air whilst serenading the birthday girl.

Definitely going to make some more of these babies!  Di-licious!


Anne said…
I love that colour blue Di. Did you buy the melts in that colour or did you colour it? I've got leftover red velvet cake in the freezer which has been earmarked for cake balls. Maybe for Halloween. Eyeballs or something? LOL

Anne xx
Di said…
I used Wilton brand candy melts that were already blue. I think eyeball cake pops would've a 'scream' for Halloween! :-0

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