The pirate birthday party

Arrrrghhhhh! Captain Olive and her scurvy crew of pirates celebrated on the high seas this weekend with a Pirate Birthday Party to remember.

Mr Di-licious and I had a lot of fun putting it all together - from making the bunting and treasure bags to constructing the 'Pirate's Den' and last but not least the food.

Captain Olive
The Pirate Barbie Cake
Olive's birthday cake this year brought together four of her favourite things: Barbie, pirates, cake and chocolate. The vanilla buttercake was filled with blackberry jam and vanilla buttercream before being swathed in chocolate ganache and the chocolate fondant skirt.

I found the Barbie pirate costume on eBay and had it shipped over from the US.

So what do you feed a horde of hungry pirates?

Pirate Party Menu

Fish finger boats
Octopus frankfurts

Pirate hat Oreo pops
Buried treasure chocolate crackles
Chocolate dipped [pretzel] swords

Pirate Barbie cake

Tropical punch

The Pirate Hat Oreo pops disappeared very quickly!

Buried Treasure chocolate crackles....a timeless classic

The mini pirates really enjoyed playing What's the time Captain Hook? and walking the plank to get their farewell treasure loot bag.

Walking the plank!

Happy 4th birthday Olive!
Playing What's the Time Captain Hook
Pirate HQ
Ready to sail the high seas!
The take home loot bag filled with chocolate gold coins

A special  big thank you to all our wonderful guests, family and friends who helped make it such an amazing day.  A pirate theme is immensely popular and Olive still loves to don the hat and wave her sword while saying "Arrrggghhhh!!!"

What's your favourite birthday party theme?


Anonymous said…
Totally love it!! Wish I was there!! Brilliant work Langer pirates. Spotter xx
Oh Di! Fantastic! Olive looks a real treat. The cake is beautiful and the entire party looks just wonderful. What a wonderful job you did creating that memory for Olive. Now, what's next? Can't wait to hear what my kids will have on order for next year! Thanks for sharing Di. It's just fantastic.

Anne xx
Sandra said…
What a fun party! Captain Olive is adorable and I love love love your dessert table.
Miss Kimbers said…
This is great! Made me smile:)
Did you purposely buy/build the boat sand....(I have been out of school too long...what are they called...sand pit!) pit for this occasion?

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