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My first public icing demonstration

Last Friday I dipped my toe into the world of cooking demonstrations. I was invited to demonstrate icing techniques as part of a CWA Cooking Masterclass.

Although quite nervous at the thought of talking to a room of strangers, once I got going, it was actually a lot of fun.

I was reminded of a public speaking course I'd done back in the day where we were invited to give a five to ten minute talk about any topic we were passionate about. I talked about how to make a true risotto.

It was so easy. I actually enjoyed myself explaining to a room of predominantly men the importance of using the correct rice, how to deglaze the pan and why you absolutely MUST stir the pot the whole time.

When you know your topic, it's easy to show enthusiasm and exude confidence.

So how did the icing demo go? Really well. I received so many lovely comments and learnt so much watching the other presenters over the course of the day.

Talking to girlfriends a couple of days later, one of them said I sh…