Back in the saddle of blogging

I'm back....with a new look, a new name and a new blog address.

I've been Di-licious Cupcakes, Life is Di-licious. I moonlighted for a while as Little Teapot. But now it's just simply Di-licious.

My new web home is

On Facebook you can find me at (some addresses are still hard to change).

I'll update all my other contact details over the coming weeks.

So why the break in transmission? Well, after accidentally blowing up my blog Life is Di-licious 12 months ago, I felt all at sea. Creatively, personally and emotionally.

I'll share more in the coming weeks but just really needed to get this announcement post out (before racing off to do school pick up).

It feels good to be back. 


Anonymous said…
Love your writing! Great to have you back! -Fiona Louise xxx

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