Cleaning bathrooms - my least favourite job

I really hate cleaning the bathroom. I mean I avoid it for as long as possible - probably much longer than I should.

Normally I get propelled into action when I know my mum is coming over or we are expecting overnight guests. 

More often than not the shower languishes for a few weeks and then I think I really should attend to that this week and another week or two goes by until I shudder at the sight of it.  

Perhaps it's this bathroom in particular. Dark slate floors that never look clean; a clumsily renovated shower closet that doesn't recieve an inch of natural light; a badly sealed shower base that has mould growing under the silicone no matter how much mould cleaner or bleach I use. 

I feel defeated before I even begin.

Rationally I know that if I do it every week or two weeks, it won't get so far out of control. I think it's been almost two months. It was nasty this morning.

Aside from the act of cleaning the shower, I also hate the smell of most cleaning products. 

Walking down the 'chemical' aisle in the supermarket makes my nose twitch uncontrollably. Few do what they claim to do and those that do smell the worst or cost more.

I've tried making my own cleaners but they need a regular weekly commitment that I seem incapable of giving - when did I turn into such a commitment phobe?  I prefer to use diluted sugar soap and a scrubbing brush.

Not being able to stand it anymore, I turned up the music loud this morning and scrubbed those tiles.

Twenty minutes later, the tiles are sparkling, the mould is as under control as it can be and feeling incredibly smug, I paused to take some pix and make two cups of coffee and write to you.

The basin is still waiting and the mirror still has Olive's toothpaste splattered all over it.  That'll be a walk in the park now.

Do you hate cleaning the bathroom too? Do you have a secret cleaning weapon you can share? 


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