Still here.....

My first stitching project. Embroidery is highly addictive - I stayed up to all hours to finish this one.

 It's true I haven't posted for a while. Life has been busy - doesn't it always get like that?

A couple of months as a working mum and I think I can almost say I've gotten the hang of it.

I've had to rethink my approach to the week, how I cook, how I clean and how I carve out time for me.

Inspired by my late Nanna, I've made craft my release valve to life.

I've completed my first quilt, my first stitching project as well as making items for my CWA branch's upcoming craft stall.

I still love cooking but craft has less calories...

And I'm still's just that sometimes I get a little distracted.....

A mug warmer for my niece using some vintage buttons from my Nanna's stash.
Making a bundle of tissue holders for my CWA Branch's upcoming craft stall. Great Teacher's Gifts!

Last step of my first quilt - sewing on the binding. I am now a confident ladder stitcher!

The finished quilt. I learnt so much making this. I've promised to make one for Olive for her birthday now.


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