Sew much to learn

I am on a mission to relearn how to sew clothes. Back in highschool I managed to turn out a fully boned, strapless black taffeta dress, complete with scalloped over skirt trimmed with fouffy taffeta bows.

Sadly there are no photos of me in that dress but a small part of me wishes I'd kept it as a reminder of what I could do. I didn't sit at a sewing machine again til I was in my late 20s - making a belly dancing costume. As you do.

Last year I got a new sewing machine for my birthday and I tackled my first quilt and a dress for Olive. Pinking all those seams drove me crazy - Olive refusing to wear said dress made me crazier!

Last month was my birthday so I picked out a second hand overlocker (only used twice!) and a dressmaking dummy. I ordered the awesome Colette  book and a beginners dress pattern from local indie designer Blue Ginger Doll. I picked out some gorgeous fabric and matching thread. I sensibly made a muslin (test dress out of calico) and was stumped - my boobs were NEVER going to fit in that dress!

So now I am doing a crash course in Full Bust Adjustments.

I am impatient. I want to make this dress so I can move onto shirtdresses. This is my goal - a wardrobe full of lovely, perfectly fitting shirtdresses.

In the mean time I'm going to convert a beloved cotton sundress that no longer fits my boobs into a swanky full skirt and leave the zipper in (thanks to some tips I picked up from Frocks and Frou Frou).



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