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Di-licious: Now more than cake

Blogging was the last thing on my mind for a long time.

Every year my domain renewal notice would arrive and I'd debate whether to let it all go.

I stopped for a number of reasons: I hated the so-called rules of being a better blogger. It stopped being fun. I was busy enough offline. My computer crashed. I didn't feel authentic.

I'm no longer interested in sharing lots of recipes or how I'm tackling the latest parenting phase.

My Instagram feed pretty much sums up where I'm at these days.  Sewing more. Making sourdough bread. Walking the dog. Making marmalade. Baking a bit. Getting into the garden.

I have missed taking photos with my DSLR. I missed writing.

So Di-licious 2017 onward is going to look and sound a lot different.

It's more about who I am. A personal blog documenting what I'm doing. What's making me happy.

I'm also going to close down the Facebook Page.

D x